Fat Burners – Are They Safe & Do They Work?

Fat burners are supplements available over the counter. They claim to help users burn fat and lose weight by increasing metabolism. Metabolism is the rate at which a person burns calories, so increasing metabolism is indeed a sound method of weight loss. Many fat burners also claim to help suppress the appetite and increase energy levels. Common ingredients in fat burners are caffeine, green tea, acai berry, Hoodia Gordonii, HCA, Ephedra, apple cider vinegar, and grapefruit. These herbs and other items are all natural components.


whey protein powder fat loss

Whey Protein: How it can help you lose weight

How Whey Protein Can Help You Lose Fat There are a great many of us struggling to shed excess weight to improve our health and looks. There are a great many diets and dietary supplements on the market that claim to help us lose weight. Not all of these are good for you are pleasant […]


What are the 3 Best Supplements to Lose Belly Fat?

Belly fat is often very difficult to lose. Although it is equally frustrating for both men and women to “Pinch that inch”, it is often women who struggle with it more often. This may relate to the fact that women tend to be shorter than men and therefore extra weight might be more obvious on a smaller frame.

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It is also fairly common for women to gain extra belly fat as the result of pregnancy. Regardless of how the belly fat formed, it is important to know safe, effective ways to banish it permanently.



How to Fall in Love with Running

Falling in Love with Running and Cardio One of the best ways to improve your overall physical health is by running. This full body workout allows you to get outside and move in the fresh air, or during inclement weather you can run on the treadmill to get the same results. The problem with running […]


4 Simple Ab exercises to do at home

Everyone wants to have a slim stomach and toned abs. But, not only will strengthening your core muscles help you have a more desirable looking physique, strengthening your core will alleviate back pain and increase overall body strength.

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Going to the gym can be a hassle and is often expensive. Save money and time by doing ab exercises in the comfort of your own home. We’ve collected the following four easy, yet effective exercises that are perfect for an at home workout.


How Ab Muscles Work and How to Get Them

We all have them – ab muscles

Though we all have them, they are certainly not all in the same shape. Some are big and flabby, while others are thin, but not necessarily in great shape. Still others are impeccable. Their abs are toned and muscular, and they don‘t mind showing them off. So how did they get them that way?

Ab muscles always look much better when they are toned, or muscular looking. They look healthy and add shape to your upper core. If you know how to exercise these muscles, you can get a sleek looking upper core.



How to keep belly fat off after you lose it

Losing weight takes hard work and determination. Most individuals are not simply able to shed pounds and go about living their daily lives without changing a thing. Instead, most people have to go through a good deal of perseverance, as they change their lifestyle, what they eat, how they work out and just about everything else associated with burning calories and shedding pounds. However, many individuals end up gaining the weight back after they shed it.


The Benefits of Living Healthy

Living a healthy life is not easy but the rewards that come from it are numerous and beneficial. Staying healthy can be a challenge; especially when most of us are faced with a barrage of processed food commercials, little time to exercise and minimal time to prepare nutritious foods.


4 Common Dieting Mistakes That Keep You Fat

The number one mistake most dieters make is skipping meals, especially breakfast. The thought is saving calories is part of the weight loss success route. The unfortunate reality is your body needs fuel in the form of healthy carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Skipping meals leads to a drop in blood sugar which usually causes a desire for more food leading to overeating. The fact is people who maintain a good healthy weight eat breakfast according to The US National Weight Control Registry.